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Renter Testimonials

I have had a great experience renting from them. I was called back about my application quickly and was pleasantly surprised with how easy the rental process with them was. Plus everyone I spoke with was super nice!

Emily C smiley


Santa Cruz Property Management has been the best.  Everyone there is very friendly and helpful.  They take good care of the property and when my refrigerator broke, Mary had a new, beautiful one at my house within a day .  I live in a duplex and have a family and when our neighbors have moved over the years they have always been very thoughtful to find great new neighbors that were either a  family or very thoughtful of our family.  I had once had a very bad experience with a property management company but Santa Cruz Property Management has completely changed my mind.  I think they are great!

Shana B yes


After seeing the bad reviews I was a little bit iffy about renting with them, but they were the most helpful and nice people ever. They got everything done for us right away. I had been looking online for a place for months and went and met with their property managers today and already found a place to rent. I am done stressing about finding a house to rent and it is all thanks to them!

Carly O  yes


This might be a little premature, as I just moved out a week ago and haven't received word on what's left of my security deposit, but I've never had anything but good experiences with Santa Cruz Property Management.

By the time I got a chance to get up to Santa Cruz to look for an apartment the school year was closing in and options were limited, but the approval process was speedy and hassle-free and the small, one bedroom unit ended up being perfect for my needs. I didn't have many issues, and when I did they were mostly my issues rather than issues with the apartment, but the staff at SCPM was helpful every time.

One month I realized that I had completely forgotten about paying the rent. I went in to the office around the time they opened the day after my rent was due and the woman working that morning told me not to worry about the late fee. And when I asked that they hold off on showing the apartment for one week while I was preparing for and taking my final exams, SCPM was fully accommodating even though it was right in the middle of the peak of their renting season.

.... my first renting experience was very pleasant, largely thanks to the staff at SCPM.

Geoffrey B  enlightened


So I was more than a little reluctant to rent from SCPM after reading all of the reviews but as you may know renting in Santa Cruz can be rough especially with a pet and SCPM made it fairly painless. I've been renting from them now for a little less than a year and my experience has been nothing but positive so far. They have been easy to contact, quick to resolve any and all issues and most importantly respectful of my time and space.  I really hope that you take the time to meet with someone from their office before deciding on weather to rent from them because my experience has been great so far (knock on wood). Take care and good luck  house hunting....you're gonna need it!

Ashley D yes


We have been tenants with Santa Cruz Property Management for the last two, going on three years and honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about them. We have dealt with a few other property management companies and I absolutely abhorred working with them but SCPM is actually incredibly easy to work with. They are very responsive, professional and we have never had an issue with them. I deal primarily with Mary and she has super friendly, and easy to get a hold of. As far as property management companies go, they seem to be doing a fantastic job.

Amanda L


I rented from them for 3 years. There wasn't anything to complain about. I paid my rent, and got a great place to live.  When I left I got my security deposit back.  Very straight forward and easy.  I only really interacted with them once when my dishwasher broke down. I called them and told them of the problem.  They got someone out to fix it pretty quickly.  No fuss, no bother.

Brian S  enlightened


We were surprised to see the negative comments. I have been looking with my daughter for weeks in the Santa Cruz area for her and a friend to rent and Santa Cruz property management was recommended to us from another local company and our experience was great!  They were helpful, organized and most important found us a place that was in a safe area. All of this occurred even after their building burnt down and they were functioning in a makeshift location.  I was very pleased and impressed with how well the office  staff worked together and appreciate how quickly they responded to my calls and questions.

Patty O enlightened


I have to say, I yelped Santa Cruz Property Management after I had already decided that I loved the property of theirs that I was really hoping to rent out. The low reviews made me a little nervous, but the low price for a cute place in a beautiful area made me decide to go through with the rental regardless.

From the beginning, the ladies at SCPM (especially Mary) were very friendly, cooperative, and helpful.

I unfortunately had to move out of the area so I'm fully moved out of their unit. I can sincerely say that I was 100% satisfied with SCPM. The couple times that we needed something looked at, they were prompt and fixed the problem with no hassle. I specifically wanted to wait to write a Yelp review until after I received my deposit back because I knew there was still an opportunity to be let down by then. However, we got the amount back that we expected and they were very pleasant and accommodating during this process.

... I was very happy with their service!

Ashley B smiley